Present yourself with confidence, credibility and composure whilst you speak assertively, carry yourself with grace, take courageous action, and  inspire those around you.  

An Exclusive P-R-E-S-E-N-C-E Program for Leaders

The PRESENCE Program is the foundation of developing an impactful and powerful persona focusing on its core traits.

Does your performance go unnoticed, while those with fewer skills get promoted over you? Do you hesitate to speak up or struggle to have your ideas heard? Credible candidates quit in disillusionment of not moving ahead, while organizations miss out on high potential executives and great leaders, 

The P-R-E-S-E-N-C-E program is the foundation for developing an impactful and authentic executive presence. This executive presence training equips you with the cultivation of poise in challenging situations, the building of resilience in a crisis, and the heightening of emotional intelligence for better rapport with people. The core of this offering empowers you to show up against all odds, with grit and grace, exuding a bold energy. 

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The 4 executive presence training programs are distinct and significant to specific audiences, these being  leaders, emerging leaders, women executives and luxury business owners. Each program would therefore target applicable challenges and solutions to those particular positions and roles. 

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Mindset to Manner

Grasp the essence of luxury. Imbibe the mental makeup of classiness so as to embody it with flair and panache.

7 C's of COMMANDING A ROOM for Women

Take a seat at the table. Master the art of owning a room; build confidence, speak up, and hold poise.

LEADER'S IMPACT for C-Level Executives

Go from a good to a great leader. Identify and fill gaps for Increased trust, credibility connection and wellbeing

I am here to share with you my expertise through my presence coaching and training sessions, so that you enhance your own presence, be seen, be heard, and be impactful
Mala Hemnani

Meet Mala Hemnani

One Christmas, my children sent me a gift over an email. It was an ICF certified coaching course. The message read, “ Mom, you have coached us, now go coach the world as the best executive presence coach there is. Help others take the journey you helped us take”.

The journey I helped them take was the journey I had taken myself. As I coached myself, I experienced a transformation in my personal and professional life.

That inspiring shift is what moves me today to enable and equip each of my clients with the belief, confidence, grit, and tenacity, developing their own powerful presence. 

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