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Travel across continents, a Finishing School in England, and meeting with high performers from different walks of life, ignited Mala’s interest on impactful presence; that alluring energy, visible confidence and friendly countenance that remains enchantingly authentic from the deeper self. The importance of having carriage and etiquette was instilled in her in the early years.Later, a  business that required consultations with clients on aligning their self-image, outer appearance and innate potential led Mala on her journey as a presence coach.

Having seen marked transformation in the lives of her clients, Mala was inspired to share her knowledge and expertise with others.

16 Years of Experience

Years of entrepreneurship and a consultancy that developed into corporate training and executive coaching.

Defining Success

Success is to be comfortable in your skin, live by what you stand for, and build meaningful relationships.


Notable Moments

Noteworthy chapters that established a significance to Mala’s learning  success and professional growth.

Best-selling author. Co-authored Coach Wisdom III with Marshall Goldsmith
Entrepreneur Magazine- Top Women in Soft Skills Training in 2021
Introduced premium denim brands into India and to celebrity clientele
Human Wisdom Coach - A Global Initiative


Entrepreneur Magazine- Top Women in Soft Skills Training in 2021
Sindhian Magazine Article on introducing denim brand into India

More About Mala

It is the experience, hobbies and interests outside of work that add so much to who we are, who we become. 

Work with Red Cross Nigeria for bomb blast victims
Silver Medal in Skiing
Wrote and distributed a personal development and wisdom insights monthly newsletter called ‘Revelations that was circulated to communities in Lagos Nigeria
Grade VI Piano from the Royal School of Music

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