Acing Rejection

Rejection is always difficult. It humiliates, demotivates and interferes with our confidence levels. But rejection, setbacks and failures are important and serve us in some way. Incidents that leave us shunned and left in the lurch by another’s action or response, are also the incidents that push us forward, move us from a state of …

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The Cave Rescue

The Cave Rescue

The Thai Cave Rescue documentary is based on the 2018 mission to rescue the junior football association and their coach. Though I had closely followed the story at the time, the movie suggests powerful lessons that take us from an intensely grave situation to one of astounding #victory, a victory that seems nothing short of …

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7 Loud Signs that a Leader is Faking Confidence

Accepting criticism – they need to be – are always right – Not able to handle rejection or failure Arrogance Inconsistent behavior – ended to please to meet approval for personal gain – keep changing mind Fidgety, Slouched posture and over exaggerated gestures Trying too hard Call for attention Feel entitled Boasting bragging name dropping