When they walk into a room, they are noticed, acknowledged, and appreciated. They exude confidence, ease and warmth. People want to hear what they have to say. They project self-control, genuineness and ability, a unique energy that shows up.

We all communicate, carry ourselves and act. How we do so, has an impact on our sense of self, our relationships, our work, and our worth. We are social creatures and cannot survive in isolation. Our work additionally requires us to be aware of and mindful of how we show up as this impacts our stakeholders, our organizations and our own dreams. A healthy presence is therefore relevant not just in our workplace but even in our personal and social life and always will be

Presence will help you build voice power and communicate with impact

to speak up in meetings, boardrooms and gatherings. It will help you develop composure and control for uncertain times. Presence will enable you with assertive body language. It will help you build innate confidence and self-assurance. Presence will help you stand out, be heard, acknowledged and rewarded, helping you advance in your goals and career

What is most important about presence is that it is your presence, as one can only hold their own and not anyone else’s. It is either your presence or not much of a presence. Therefore it is an enhancement of your being, personality, traits, and learning to be induced into technical skills, techniques that are sensitive and conscious of a powerful presence. The journey of building your presence only moves further away from ‘fake-ness’ as it brings out a real and discerning you.

Even the best academic skills need to be showcased, voiced, demonstrated and communicated. Presence is not a superficial image and just outward dressing but a whole being of the person. It does not aim to change a personal style, but honor it with certain insights that help you identify further how you want to show up, and live your skills instead of just having them. 

You would take an assessment followed by a personal call, which gives you a guideline. Some key questions you can ask yourself meanwhile are: Do I hesitate to speak up in a meeting? Do I get interrupted and spoken over? Do others get promoted over me? Does someone else get credit for my ideas? Do I hesitate to voice a contrary view? Do I cower when I walk? Can I network confidently? Am I able to be composed, calm and focused in a crisis? Do my teams regard and follow me? Do I feel confident and self-assured? Am I seen as credible? Do I find it difficult to be myself?

Presence and poise group coaching and training sessions are conducted for both men and women together. However, the option for a just women session is available for specific areas that address distinct challenges that women may be facing, as in asking the difficult questions, claiming achievement, negotiating, and asserting in a room full of men.

Introverts have significant value they bring to teams and organizations. A powerful presence is not about being all out there, beating our chest and speaking from the rooftops. Presence can be beautiful and impactful when it is subtle, deep, and quietly refined. Many introverts have an impactful, powerful presence.

You would have a discovery call, followed by a scope of work and timelines proposed for the desired objectives. Coaching sessions would take place over 60 minutes every 10 days. A pre, mid, and post assessment would be given to measure progress and review the journey. The coaching conversation will be as per the ICF standards and ethics, and maintain confidentiality of the client. Mentoring support, study material, resources and homework would be shared during the coaching term.

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