Lady, claim your seat at the table

More and more women today recognize that they have their own talents, abilities and skills, and can have better control over their lives.

A dependent mindset has its own set of obstacles, including those within family, business and community.

Enriching our lives by understanding our identity, overcoming obstacles, allows us to tap into a true inner power.

These women may be leaders or empty-nesters who want a 2nd innings in life, to re-enter the workforce after being a stay-at-home mom. They may be entrepreneurs deciding to start a new business, or women going through some transition in their life,  be it life after a break-up, or a switch into a new role at work.

Taking more control of our life encourages us to achieve our dreams, motivating us, inspiring us. Women who deal with personal life changes of raising children want to re-discover their identity outside of being mother and wife.

Suffering from low self-esteem and lack of confidence blocks us and our goals. Often we adopt a negative mindset from family, friends or our environment, and don’t feel capable or worthy of fulfilling our dreams.

It has been said that the world treats you as you treat yourself. When we operate from a space of our own wellbeing first, we are better able to give out the best of ourselves to our loved ones and our to our work.

How do we really speak to ourselves, and express ourselves to the world outside. Do we contribute with assertiveness, eloquence and grace, building better relationships while keeping our own sense of self intact.

Do we lower the facades from our conditioning and societal pressures, and live with freedom, peace and growth.

Do we recognise the skills we need to update for a competitive business environment, or do we languish, taking a backseat.

Live with honor, grace and flourish. Celebrate your abilities and strengths. All are deserving of dignity, of a healthy self-image. It is not selfish. Instead it is serving, to ourselves, our people, and our work.

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