Potentiality to Actuality

Potentiality to Actuality

I have always believed, and continue to believe, that every single person has something unique to offer, a potential to explore and live by.

Oxford Languages defines potentiality as ‘latent qualities or abilities that may be developed and lead to future success or usefulness’.

Maximizing potential is commonly used in our workplace, however there is so much potential all around us, which has no idea that it exists, and therefore is not looking to be tapped. It remains as potential, a natural ability that has not been used. This potential, over time, fades or gets diluted, due to lack of attention and visibility.

Our work usually continues on autopilot where there is a dissonance with our strongest abilities , or we do work that does not resonate with us, resulting in lack of motivation and drive.

Work that aligns with our core values, that demonstrates what we want out of life or believe in, when supported with our capabilities, has power for greatness.

We can only maximize true potential when it follows the necessary steps needed beforehand.

Acknowledge that we have potential. One can only seek something out when one believes there is something to be found, or we miss it even when it is right under our nose.

Explore it further with the help of past performance, actions, feedback, reviews, assessments, friends, family, bosses and colleagues.

Identify with it. It must resonate with who we are intrinsically, because potential can be enhanced and grown only when we are passionate and convinced about it.

Establish how using this potential will enrich our personal or professional life, adding value to our work and to us as a whole.

Determine its implementation, and how we can best associate this quality to bring better results and success into our current or new role

Allow the work we do to use that potentiality to the full. This is our strength, an area of natural potency, which will only get as empowered and as it gets active.

Wonderful work can be done if we take individual strengths and infuse that into our work. The recognition and use of our potential adds values to us, resulting in higher energy and a sense of wellbeing.

How do you see potentiality being tapped?

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