Presence and Poise for Emerging Leaders

This training is one of the best executive presence courses for executives who are looking to get into leadership roles, or are stuck at their current positions, and want to make pronounced changes for promotion or career growth. The executives will be trained on all elements of a powerful presence for leadership influence.


  1. Cultivate impactful carriage, etiquette, confidence and visibility
  2. Engage in effective dialogue, speak assertively and conduct brave conversations
  3. Generate relationships, improve people skills, earn trust and credibility
  4. Demonstrate restraint, resilience and grit for initiating action

Presence & Poise for C-Level Executives

Leader’s impact is an executive presence program that enables you as a leader to increase your self-awareness, influence and determination. 

Through the course I work with you on all aspects of a great leader from carriage to composure, courage to resilience, effective communication to emotional intelligence. This helps you identify what might be coming in the way of great leadership for you. 


  1. Identify and address specific traits, behaviors and characteristics for good to great leadership
  2. Increase trust and credibility with stakeholders
  3. Take bold action exuding influence and confidence
  4. Build approachability and connect for steering company’s vision

Presence & Poise for Women

7 C’s is an executive presence program for women who do not want to give up, but explore their highest self and put their talents to use so that they achieve their dreams. 

This is one of the best executive presence courses for women, that is all-encompassing from inner growth to outward behavior for great  leadership. 


  1. Cultivate the art of networking effectively and confidently to build relationships
  2. Overcome hesitation, apprehension and the inner critic to cross the desired threshold.
  3. Develop carriage, conduct and communication in the boardroom 

Presence & Poise for Luxury Brands

The Mindset to Manner program is an executive presence program for luxury brand owners and executives, focusing on etiquette, speaking with finesse, handling difficult customers with grace and radiating an air of grandeur with ease.


  1.   Determine and distinguish the luxury mind-set
  2.   Build etiquette and appropriate behavior. 
  3.   Cultivate a sentiment for finesse and refinement
  4.   Build confidence, flair and panache

Executive Presence Coaching

Executive presence coaching serves clients with one on one or group coaching sessions. As an executive presence coach, I connect with you over a discovery call, following which I tailor the sessions to your specific needs and prioritized areas of focus, in order to achieve your business or career goals. 

Through the coaching journey, you will deepen self-awareness, gain insights on challenges and solutions. The experience of my coaching in itself will invite you to explore and look beyond, which will be fulfilling, liberating and productive. 

Timely evaluations and assessments will take place to measure your progress, setting higher standards of achievement for yourself. 

  1.   Entrepreneurs and Start –ups CEO / Founder
  2.   Career Transition 
  3.   First 100 days of leadership
  4.   CXO Advisory Coaching
  5.  Team Influencing
  6.   New C-Level Professionals
  7. Boardroom Presence

Entrepreneurs and Start –ups CEO / Founder

As executives start new ventures, there are doubts or challenges that come up. Entrepreneurs need to be out there, be seen, heard and remembered. Executive presence coaching helps address what comes in the way of standing out and being resilient. 

  • Build resilience and grit to weather the storm
  • Develop speaking skills and impactful networking for stakeholder relationship
  • Show up and stand out with a powerful narrative


Career Transition

New roles bring on new responsibilities that bring on new challenges. Executives are being watched for their performance, relationship building and efficacy. Are they fit for the new role? Will they perform? Can they adapt? Executive presence coaching will visit specific stumbling areas, lending support to the executive for appropriate and relevant action steps. 

  • Allow for vulnerability to grow and excel
  • Step up to the game with bold action and energy
  • Earn followership, trust and credibility

First 100 days

 At the end of the first 100 days, leaders have either made a mark or left room for more, which questions their ability and position. Stakeholders like to see measurable results; great performance, ability to connect with people, an energized persona. Coaching will prepare executives by working on weaker areas, for the desired outcomes in the first 100 days.

  • Form rapport with teams and colleagues
  • Earn merit and credibility with high productivity 
  • Show initiative and courage in demanding situations 

CXO Advisory Coaching

 While everyone looks to the senior leader for continued inspiration, direction and motivation, the leader benefits from a coaching partner to keep their own confidence levels high, address any doubts, reinforce focus, and maintain overall wellbeing. The executive presence coach comes in as a trusted partner to work together with the leader for improved performance and wellbeing. 

  • Build rapport with stakeholders
  • Reinforce and demonstrate vision 
  • Scale up inspiration, innovation and motivation in team members

Team influencing

People are key to your success and the success of the organization. Building healthy rapport, earning trust and keeping teams creative and inspired has an impact on the organization as a whole  and leads to growth of the company. Coaching for team influence is about keeping a pulse on the people, cultivating mentorship and encouragement 

  • Develop deepened connect and understanding with team members
  • Converse with empathy and influence
  • Have courage to be vulnerable showing your humane side for better connect. 

New C-Level Professionals

C-Level professionals often encounter immense pressures to perform as they are looked upon for direction, and often need a trusted partner in the form of a coach. Challenging situations, demand that the executives operate with confidence, character and composure

  • Improve and build key relationships
  • Exude ability, character and leadership traits early on
  • Earn trust, credibility and followership

Boardroom Presence

Boardroom meetings can be stressful, with heated discussions, and challenging questions. How we conduct ourselves then, with confidence, understanding and focus is crucial. Boardroom presence coaching addresses carriage, conduct and communication in the boardroom

A first impression is made in the first 4-7 seconds, out of which 55% is the non-verbal. The audience by this point has to some degree already made up their mind about you. Great ideas by talented people are diluted because the skills of tone, look, attitude, and energy are missing. 

  • Overcome nervousness when speaking in front of an audience
  • Strategize your delivery for a seamless story-like flow
  • Handle difficult questions with confidence and value
  • Earn trust and a seat at the table
  • Maintain composure focus and control in difficult conversations
  • Confidently share views and ideas with clarity and passion.

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