Leaders Impact

Thrive to great leadership with with heightened efficacy and increased influence

40% of new leaders fail within the first 18 months, a study by Center for Creative Leadership. Can you avoid becoming part of the 40% that fail? 

Only 10% of people are natural leaders. Another 20% possess traits that can be cultivated into high quality leadership through the leadership development program. 

Leadership development coaching enables you to keep yourself a step ahead, always on top of the game and with increasing efficacy. 

To be an effective leader is to perform under pressure, spread the organization’s vision to your team, keeping them inspired, motivated and productive. You will reinforce leadership traits that will enable you to lead with influence. 

Through hands-on tasks and practical applications, and by addressing your own blocks you will gain better understanding of all that it takes to be a great leader.

Problems & Solutions

I feel overwhelmed as there is pressure for me to perform

This leadership development program helps you cultivate an inner strength and fortitude. By gaining inner confidence, you develop the ability to manage yourself and regulate your emotions so that you are in control. Leadership development for senior roles is about having composure which allows you to pause and act. You will build the skill of prioritizing, focusing on the moment and single tasking. Tools and techniques are shared for managing distraction, worry and time, giving you a wider perspective for a long term view.

I need to put on a strong front as a leader and feel lonely in my position

Every leader feels lonely at times. Your team wants to see a strong and capable captain so they feel safe. However, it is okay to be vulnerable, honest, and questioning as it brings out a humane side of you, to whom your team can relate. The leadership development coaching helps you build courage to be vulnerable, along with the determination to act. As your coach, I partner with you to build self-awareness and tenacity for the most challenging times. 

I find it difficult to connect with and inspire my teams

Leader’s Impact is all about the impact you have on the organization, the team and stakeholders. This leadership development program heightens your emotional intelligence for understanding people, building empathy, and meaningful dialogue with your teams. You will be curious to know what drive them and what demotivates them, what blocks them and what encourages them. And as you will be driven, you will drive your teams through inspiration to higher performance and a sense of ownership 

I cannot present with confidence.

Speaking in front of an audience can be daunting for most people. Through the leadership development program, even the shyest of us can master the skill of speaking with confidence. Techniques to overcome nervousness, a shift in the mind and a focus on message enables you to have a powerful delivery. Through practice, non-verbal behavior and verbal mastery, this program will facilitate powerful and confident speaking.

I am not able to give any time to my personal life and it is troubling me

It is important for a leader to have a balanced life. A full life that includes family, friends, and personal hobbies or interests adds value and inspiration to the very work you do, as well as general wellbeing to your life. To be an effective leader who has several responsibilities, you will be able to manage time and distraction,  prioritize urgent over important, and cultivate the art of being fully focused on the task at hand so as to enjoy it fully and do it justly with due attention. 

I feel a sense of burnout and at times want to give up

I have myself gone through burnout and a sense of resignation in my earlier years. I know what it feels like. It is important to recognise it before it becomes a way of life and takes a much bigger toll on us. One cannot lead with influence if one is exhausted. The leadership development for senior roles will enable you with tools and techniques for relaxation, and the coaching will articulate your purpose, drive and motivation. Skills of time usage, self-care and effectiveness will help you address procrastination and perfectionism

I hesitate to take bold action for fear of failure or judgment

As social creatures, we are conditioned in our early years to seek approval, and have a fear of ridicule or rejection. To be an effective leader, it is important at times to take a stand, make tough decisions even if there may be disapproval from others. It is about what is best for the organization and its purpose over the need to please. The leadership development program helps you overcome the need for validation, and moves you from the self to the objective of the task at hand, and the resilience to face any consequences with responsibility. 

Getting Started

  • A discovery call will determine that the challenge can be addressed, the objective achieved, the client’s coachability, and the rapport or comfort level between client and coach/trainer. 
  • An assessment is taken pre, mid, and end of training/coaching journey to measure outcome and progress in order to meet the timely objective
  • The workshops are offered over a 4- hour, 3-day, and a 12-week set of modules, depending on need of individual and size of group. Number of hours = 10 hours which involves 8 hours group training and 2 hours private coaching. 
  • Trainings are experiential with demonstrative exercises, questionnaires and activities to ensure outcome
  • Cost of training is Rs. 12,000 an hour. 


What My Client Say

Be Informed

  • The work has to be done by the client. The trainer will assist, support and partner with the client. 
  • Outcome will be achieved when the client has participated in exercises and activities
  • Sessions will begin on time and end on time. No extra time is given if client is late
  • Re-scheduling of session can be done if notified 48 hours before the scheduled session or it will be counted as a session given.


Leadership is a skill to be built on. Characteristics are resilience, empathy, courage, self-awareness, passion, people skills and ownership to name a few. Leadership does not mean being loud or dominant, but rather being driven, purposeful and credible and in your authentic way. It is not you bringing out these traits in the way that best works for you and serves the purpose of great leadership 

We think that if we put up a brave front, we show that we are strong. But it is more important that we are human, and have our moments just as everyone else. This is on the contrary a sign of strength, for it means that you are innately self-assured enough, not to have the need to mask your emotions. It is bravery. 

We think if we get too close we lose the boss/employee relationship. What instead is important is a meaningful, healthy and respectful relationship with genuine interest for the other person. The intention with which the interactions happen gives it the right energy. Great relationships are formed with your teams and colleagues, and there is no need to be skeptical, which would only distance the other person.

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