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Executive presence accounts for 26% of what it takes to get to the next promotion and be perceived as leadership material – research from the Center for Talent and Innovation.

P-R-E-S-E-N-C-E is an executive presence training that will enable you with the key fundamentals of being an effective leader by developing  strength of personality, from building poise, speaking skills and resilience, to confidence, engagement and visibility. 

With the 8 foundational components, I work with you to strengthen gaps and enhance your natural skills, through observations of applied techniques, practical tasks  and experience, based hands-on activities. 

Ultimately, this will define your personal standing, give you leadership presence,  a sense of fulfillment and the potential to reach your goals.

What is your level of executive presence? Find out if you have the makings of a great leader, or where you stand currently on a scale of a good to great leader.

Take the assessment to gain clarity on how much of a presence you do have, what your weak areas are, and where you have strong presence traits.

Problems & Solutions

My ideas are usually rejected

55% of our communication is impacted by the non-verbal.  All fundamentals of the P-R-E-S-E-N-C-E executive presence program addresses making sure your ideas are seen and heard. The elements of impactful communication from voice power, purpose and languaging will be supported with carriage, confidence, and credibility, giving the message weight. Through executive presence coaching your individual weak areas and blind spots will be worked on. You will build effective body language which when aligned with your spoken word will demonstrate faith in your own message. If you do not truly believe in your own idea no one else will, therefore you will focus additionally on the purpose and intention of your message. Role play of different scenarios will help you overcome any hesitancy and build up influence.

I have better technical skills but others are promoted over me

Technical skills are necessary, but to move up in the organization, just technical skills are not enough. Skills of making tough decisions, presenting with confidence, speaking with impact, leading with influence, building rapport with teammates, and earning followership are necessary. The P-R-E-S-E-N-C-E program is an executive presence and influence course that enables you to be noticed and recognized for leadership qualities but first trust and credibility needs to be earned and you are then promotion-ready.

I am hesitant to speak up at meetings

This executive presence training program will encourage you to work on yourself from the inner self to the outward behavior, to address the fear of rejection or ridicule, and the need for approval. This is the best executive presence training to master your presenting skills, overcome nervousness, and cultivate a steady paced assertive voice. Roles plays, small real-life actionable steps, and exercises will enable you to build up a strong sense of self, courage to speak, composure to handle difficult reactions or responses. 

I am not recognised for my good work

Visibility of good work needs visibility of the person, the confidence to show up and speak up. This executive presence workshop  will address any hesitancy to ask and claim, whilst giving you the confidence to say no to tasks that do not serve you. Developing your executive presence will give you the courage to state your claim and work on getting noticed, prompting others to sit up and listen. As an executive presence coach I work with you on overcoming timidity and any resistance that may be coming in the way of you getting ahead. 

I am not confident of my business etiquette at networking events, or at business get-togethers

Proper behavior at business meetings or social events is absolutely paramount as it gives you confidence, sets a good impression, and helps you build rapport with your contacts. These impressions are made not just in face to face situations, but over an email, phone call or virtual meeting. This executive presence training relays appropriate behavior in several scenarios from propriety in the boardroom to social norms at a business dinner. The confidence you will gain from having the knowledge of proper etiquette will allow you to perform with a higher presence, energy, and productivity in your work.

I am not able to build rapport with people at work

People skills are of high-priority in any workplace and in any position. We work with, collaborate with and grow with other people in our workplace through our interactions with them. Additionally, fellowship and camaraderie sets a positive atmosphere and a healthy environment for productive work and general well being. The executive presence workshop takes you through interpersonal skills, the art of conversation and heightened emotional intelligence for meaningful dialogue

In challenging times, I get anxious and stressed, and this impacts my performance. Would presence help me handle difficult situations better?

Poise and resilience are the first two fundamentals of the executive presence program. This Leadership presence training facilitates the building of an inner strength that projects into outward grace and composure. You develop self-control, an ability to see the big picture, composed behavior and grounded thinking that helps you with effective decision making. This calm and control passes on confidence, encouragement and motivation to your team members. 

Getting Started

  • A discovery call will determine that the challenge can be addressed, the objective achieved, the client’s coachability, and the rapport or comfort level between client and coach/trainer. 
  • An assessment is taken pre, mid, and end of training/coaching journey to measure outcome and progress in order to meet the timely objective
  • The workshops are offered over a 4- hour, 3-day, and a 12-week set of modules, depending on need of individual and size of group. Number of hours = 12 hours which involves 3 20-minute private mentoring sessions
  • Trainings are experiential with demonstrative exercises, questionnaires and activities to ensure outcome
  • Cost of training is Rs. 10,000 an hour. 


What My Client Say

Be Informed

  • The work has to be done by the client. The trainer will assist, support and partner with the client. 
  • Outcome will be achieved when the client has participated in exercises and activities
  • Sessions will begin on time and end on time. No extra time is given if client is late
  • Re-scheduling of session can be done if notified 48 hours before the scheduled session or it will be counted as a session given.



Shyness can be a strength. It is not how much one speaks, but how well and what. This program will help you build confidence, master voice power, develop strong body language through exercises and addressing real-time situations

It does not matter if your English is not perfect or you have an accent, as long as you use polite, clear  and relevant words. Often simple is best. Your accent is part of your unique authenticity so we will work to confidently speak your true self, assertively and effectively. 

A powerful presence is about bringing out your true self, enhancing your natural skills, developing characteristics that are aligned with you, that resonate with you deep down. So no, you do not change who you are. You become more of who you are.

What is your level of executive presence? Find out if you have the makings of a great leader, or where you stand currently on a scale of a good to great leader.

Take the assessment to gain clarity on how much of a presence you do have, what your weak areas are, and where you have strong presence traits.

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