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Companies with more than 30% female executives are more likely to outperform companies that don’t, says a research from Universities of Glasgow and Leicester.

Women leaders have a measurable impact on the organization’s bottom line with better financial results. 

However, many high potential women quit, a giving up on their capabilities and a loss to the organization. 

This  women’s leadership program enables promising women to rise as leaders. 

Leadership presence for women consists of 7 elements from speaking up, gaining confidence and enhancing your carriage to building strength of personality, cultivating composure and ensuring credibility. 

With tools, techniques and hand-on practicals, you will master the art of stating your claim to be recognized for your worth and ability as a great leader. 

Problems & Solutions

I am intimidated in a room full of men

The leadership program for women leaders focuses on having a powerful presence in the room. The training focuses on bringing out a confident you, where you need not try to be someone else, or be like a man, but celebrate your own essence and do so with authority, self-assurance and purpose. Skills of  speaking with impact, appropriate dressing and effective body language are part of the program, enabling you to present yourself powerfully, confidently and credibility to any audience, men or women. 

I am constantly interrupted when I speak at meetings

The 7 C’s program enables you to build elements of speaking at an impactful pace, appropriate pitch, assertive tone, effective use of pause, and the skill of being brief. Heightened listening allows you to respond on point. The women leadership coaching helps you build articulation, modulation and inflection for compelling dialogue. To this, the program adds posture and gestures that exude power and confidence. With this, others will listen with attention as you speak.

I find it difficult to say no

Many of us at some point  have had to work at this, me included. The women leadership training program addresses the need to please, and most importantly, what saying no really means to you in your own mind. Cultivating courage and starting with small steps helps you overcome the difficulty of saying no, and demonstrates to you that saying no can be polite, genuine, avoiding any future resentment and even improving relationships

I find it difficult to ask for a pay rise, or a holiday

55% of what we say is how we say it, believe it and are passionate about it. The women leadership program enables you to speak assertively and with conviction. The training helps you overcome the fear of asking, and the fear of rejection. Often we focus on the rejection even before we have a no, and this shows up in our tone and body language 

I hesitate to share my views and opinions in a meeting

We hesitate to share when we fear rejection, judgment or disapproval. Owning a room is about being sure of yourself, your thoughts, your ideas, and your suggestions. The women’s leadership program helps you build confidence to share your  thoughts with meaning, passion and authenticity. You will build an inner strength that allows you to value the best idea in the room, and as you shift your focus to the discussion, your hesitation will reduce. 

I am not able to say anything when others take credit for my work.

It is right at times to stake your claim, to take a seat at the table, or pull up a chair for yourself. Many organizations lose out on great women leaders because those women didn’t show up to take credit, and women lose out on advancing in their careers because they did not speak up. The leadership program for women leaders helps you build courage to voice, walk tall, sit up, and put a spring in your step, as you make yourself noticed, acknowledged and rewarded. 

I am hardly noticed or acknowledged in my organization

Sometimes one needs to make some noise. A powerful presence does not go ignored. What is it that is keeping you hidden?  The women leadership program focuses on proper appearance, impactful speaking, building relationships and initiating action 

Getting Started

  • A discovery call will determine that the challenge can be addressed, the objective achieved, the client’s coachability, and the rapport or comfort level between client and coach/trainer.
  • An assessment is taken pre, mid, and end of training/coaching journey to measure outcome and progress in order to meet the timely objective
  • The workshops are offered over a 4- hour, 3-day, and a 12-week set of modules, depending on need of individual and size of group. Number of hours = 12 hours group training, 10 hours individual coaching 
  • Trainings are experiential with demonstrative exercises, questionnaires and activities to ensure outcome
  • Cost of training is Rs. 10,000 an hour. 


What My Client Say

Be Informed

  • The work has to be done by the client. The trainer will assist, support and partner with the client. 
  • Outcome will be achieved when the client has participated in exercises and activities
  • Sessions will begin on time and end on time. No extra time is given if client is late
  • Re-scheduling of session can be done if notified 48 hours before the scheduled session or it will be counted as a session given.



If you are at any time uncomfortable, and sense that there is any indication of bad behavior, it is absolutely necessary to voice it to HR or boss. There is zero tolerance for any uncalled for conduct.

Demanding work and family responsibilities makes it difficult for us to give quality time to both, and often we feel one needs to be compromised. But it is absolutely possible to manage both home and work with a few changes we can make. Key is to focus on quality over quantity, attention over distraction, effectiveness over efficiency. Self-care is a big part of balancing our life. When we take care of ourselves, we give better of ourself to others. 

Not at all. You must be who you are, authentic and natural. But you must imbibe certain necessary skills for senior roles and leadership. It is not a room full of clones that achieve the best results, but when different minds, personalities, perspectives and thinking come together, the best ideas come forth. But you must work at finessing and refining your innate skills. 

Technical skills are necessary, but are diluted without having the support of a good presence. How you carry yourself, communicate, the etiquette with which you behave and the efficiency with which you handle difficult situations help bring those technical skills to notice. Your technical skills can have a greater impact through your presence. The women’s leadership program focuses on the impression you make in the 4-7 seconds to the more lasting impact you have. 

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