Speaking Topics

Poise in the face of crisis

In the VUCA and BANi world, we are often faced with uncertainty and challenges. Leaders when faced with difficult situations are expected to hold fort, make quick decisions, and keep their teams in good spirit.  


  1. Demonstrate calm and focus in anxious situations
  2. Cultivate tools for effective and quick decision making during challenges
  3. Inspire teams and be self-motivated and resilient

Speaking for Impact

We know that is not just what you say, but very much how you say , what you say, that will make all the difference to the understanding of and response to your message. Communicate effectively with purpose, articulation and voice power for maximum impact


  1. Connect with the audience and build great rapport
  2. Strategize and build flow with what, why, whom, why you
  3. Develop voice power, listening and art of easy conversation

Women - own the room!

For  Women leaders, emerging leaders and women in the boardroom.

Women leaders and emerging leaders face many challenges as they move into more senior roles, or as they look to further grow in their leadership positions. Here we address these obstacles so as to put in actionable steps for resolution and advancement


  1. Find your voice and express it with confidence, assurance and grace
  2. Cultivate work life harmony and guilt-free growth
  3. Invite recognition and reward

The essence of presence

The fundamentals and laying the foundation for cultivating a powerful presence:

Poise, Resilience, Emotional Intelligence, Showing up, Etiquette, Narrative, Communication and Energy

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