What My Clients Say

“The session was informative and valuable. It was worthwhile attending and we enjoyed it thoroughly. The trainer was very efficient and passionate. We would recommend their services to others too.”

Sannam S4
Human Capital Team

“My experience with you was incredible. The way you explained everything was amazing. I have observed a change in me after each session . I can feel myself being a lot more confident and I’m able to make friends and continue conversations.”

Keya Morbia
Student - Mumbai

“A really interactive energetic session with fun activities. Learnt effective presentation skills to be used while presenting and pitching and appropriate etiquettes.”

Presence And Presenting
Sessions At ISME Mumbai

“At the outset I would like to thank Mala Hemnani, for her time to conduct the training session. It’s very useful and the participants really felt a complete engagement during the session as it was highly interactive. They are sure it’s going to be of value addition not only in business and process but also in other walks of life as how to present ourselves, treat others etc. A very special mention for the role play which deserves an appreciation and last but not least the finishing tag lines will have a huge positive impact. Look forward to having many more such training sessions in the future. Wishing you all the very best.”

Caesar P
Vice President, Operations Adnet global

“Best communication session and it helped me to achieve my goals, and make me understand myself too. An interesting concept was on the Love yourself…helped me to understand myself more. There were things I never would have thought of myself. This experience will contribute to my professional success. Helped me grow in my personality too. Super work”

Binita Shah
Owner And Marketing Head Of 99Pancakes Mumbai
Sessions Location: Office of 99Pancakes - Mumbai

“Mala, I came to you with broken wings, With a heavy heart entangled in strings
With loss of hope and lack of direction, Felt no hurt nor any affection
I less appreciated my body and being, So many blessings that I had stopped seeing
Shunned the mirror, lost my identity, Who am I ? Am I even an entity?
I’m a new mother, but is that all I can be? I want to find myself and set me free
A life coach would help me perhaps, And save me from further collapse
Exploring myself one feather at a time, that’s how we began our journey together like lemon and lime
You opened my mind to a new perspective, And I promised to be more receptive
You brought back my strength, courage and confidence, Made me realise that I am abundance
You helped me in my relationship troubles, And burst my “what will people say?” bubbles
You made me realise my self-worth, my purpose of life, the reason why I took birth.
You made me proud of my achievements, Made me kinder towards myself and spoiled me with compliments
You motivated me, disciplined me, moved me, healed me
These two months showed me new lows and highs, Some sessions ending in smiles and some in sighs
But rising like a phoenix from my ashes, Again I began enjoying the rain splashes
Again I could admire the mirror, Again I could see my goal clearer
Again I could live a little more, Again my wings had the power to soar
Gratitude! gratitude! gratitude! For changing my thinking, my attitude
I found a friend in you, Poured my heart out at midnight too
I am an artist, but to you I was clay, You moulded me, structured me, gave me my voice to say
Thank you life, thank you coach, I now wear my happiness like a fine broach.”

Disha Sanghvi
Krayonista– Artist

“Mala has been coaching me for over the past three months. She creates a magical space through her presence and state to bring out the best possible side of me. I was surprised by what I gained from each session with her. I highly recommend you book a session with her and experience a magical coaching journey with Mala.”

Liza Z Z Sha

“It is a pleasure writing a recommendation for Mala Hemnani. I have known Mala for over a year now and her panache with executive presence and communication skills is commendable. In my interactions with her I have found her to be committed, charismatic, and solutions focused. I recommend her strongly when it comes to training and coaching C-Suite professionals on Presence, Gravitas and Communication Skills.”

Neha Pant Tewari

“Mala is a true crafts woman… She is a walking example of her expertise in communication and maintaining poise in any situation. I invited Mala to share her expertise in my Inner Circle Mastermind and she did a brilliant session leading the group to master their emotions and handle any crisis with poise and composure when under pressure. Mala also bring years of learning through personal experience and structures that learning which makes her sessions very relationable and easy to learn from.”

Smriti Goel

 “Very insightful and structured workshop. Excited to apply the learnings”

Shivani Joshi Ph.D.

“Amazing interactive sessions by both the Mentors. Glad to be part of this enriching learning experience.” 

Ranjeeta Sahoo

“ Hey Mala your session was amazing!”

Neha Shah

“Grace is not inaction, it is taking that pause / breather: be it for 5 minutes to a day’s break, reflect and then take appropriate action.”

Mehek Wadhwa
“Thank you for the fabulous enriching session on “Grit & Grace”. Some key significant takeaways were setting boundaries, having grace for self and others around us, how the confluence of Grit and Grace can help us have a powerful presence to create impact. Mala Hemnani you are a Rockstar! This topic is absolutely relevant in the context of Leadership development.”
Reshmma Gulati

I had wonderful sessions with Mala Hemnani who is an amazing coach, and a very deep listener. She beautifully helped me connet the depth of my roots and breadth of personal and professional goals. Thank you for holding the space and for all the insights Mala.

Shivaani Talesra

“Mala, your calm voice just made everything you said seem more real and more executable. Thank you, Mala for inspiring our members and a big thank you to our Community members for making this event such a great success! Thank you for leading such an interactive and vibrant discussion.”

Lean In Mumbai

“Great session! Lots of actionable takeaways. Thank you. The key learnings have been understanding the power of intent; one should have the poise and courage to speak-up; I cannot articulate in the outside what I haven’t fully understood in the inside.”


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