The Cave Rescue

The Cave Rescue

The Thai Cave Rescue documentary is based on the 2018 mission to rescue the junior football association and their coach.

Though I had closely followed the story at the time, the movie suggests powerful lessons that take us from an intensely grave situation to one of astounding #victory, a victory that seems nothing short of a miracle.

People from all over the world came together to work with the locals; divers, doctors, experts, military, navy, farmers, medical teams, the media, volunteers, friends and family. Different teams collaborate to work toward one common goal with single-minded focus. Each bringing their own skill, working as one team. teamwork !

Roles were played out based on who best qualifies for the job, from master divers to those that pumped out water, from the medics to the media who told the world they needed help, from experts who looked at drilling into the cave to the mothers and priests who prayed. Cooperation and support , so that each expert could masterfully work their skill .

As the story exploded all over the world, those on site kept their heads down, away from distraction and hype, determined to keep themselves fixed on the task. attention to intention !

On meeting obstacles, teams got together to brainstorm on possibilities from which new ideas and options emerged. This saved the boys. open mindedness and persistence !

When it seemed hopeless, and one would want to give up, they kept going. endurance and perseverance !

There was no hesitation to ask for help when you didn’t have the answers. Humility , vulnerability and awareness !

Everyone playing their role helped the experts do their work successfully. Sstrategy , discipline and planning !

Inside the cave, the coach held it together, got the boys to meditate , to breathe , to conserve energy and be positive. Patience and calm ! After days, when food was delivered to them, no one grabbed, they waited their turn! Mindfulness, self control and resolve !

Coming together brings a force, an energy towards a common mission. If we bring together skill and strategy , combine it with heart, compassion , and generosity , we can work wonders.

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